“THE MANY FACES OF COMPACT STARS”: Barcelona School 2014

“The many faces of compact stars”: Barcelona School 2014

Barcelona (Spain), September 22 – 26, 2014

In this school, we want to give a broad overview of all the possible manifestations of compact objects in different astrophysical scenarios. For this purpose, a large list of topics will be addressed by renowned international experts: accretion theory, binaries, neutron stars thermal emission, equation of states, microquasar jets, neutron star cooling, radio-pulsars, magnetospheres, compact stars as gravitational wave sources, GRBs, Supernovae and their environments, etc…

Final Program

Outreach conference: “Objetos Compactos y Agujeros Negros” (by Davide Lazzati, Oregon State University)

School Lecturers:

Roberto Turolla (Universita’ di Padova, Italy)
“Thermal emission and radiative processes in Isolated neutron stars”,
Lecture, Movie

Dimitry Yakovlev (Ioffe Institute, Russia),
“Neutron star cooling as a probe of fundamental physics”,
Lecture 1, Lecture 2

Emma de Oña-Wilhelmi (CISC-IEEC, Spain),
“Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae”

Davide Lazzati (Oregon State University, USA),
“Physics of Gamma-Ray Bursts and their connection with Supernovae”,

Jason Hessels (ASTRON/U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
“Radiopulsar timing and PTA”,

Valeria Ferrari (Universita’ di Roma La Sapienza, Italy),
” Gravitational waves from compact stars”,
Lecture 1, Lecture 2

Julien Malzac (IRAP-CNRS, France),
“Accreting binary systems with compact stars”, Lecture

Rob Fender (Oxford University, UK),
“Microquasars and jets”
, Lecture 1, Lecture 2

Micaela Oertel (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France),
“The high density Equation of State for neutron stars and Supernovae”,
Lecture 1, Lecture 2

Preliminary list of participants

Venue, deadlines, registration and logistics

The venue of the school will be the “residència d’investigadors” (part of CSIC institute), in the heart of Barcelona, only a few minutes walk to most touristic areas (Ramblas, Plaza de Catalunya).

The school is organized by:
NewCompStar (COST Action MP1304)
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)
Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC)

José Pons (Alicante)
Nanda Rea (Barcelona/Amsterdam)
Arnau Rios (Surrey)
Isaac Vidana (Coimbra)
Diego F. Torres (Barcelona)
Laura Tolos (Barcelona)
Daniele Viganò (Barcelona)
Alessandro Papitto (Barcelona)
Jian Li (Barcelona)
Jonatan Martín (Barcelona)
Erik Wu (Barcelona)
Eva Notario (Barcelona)
Anna Bertolín (Barcelona)
Pilar Montes (Barcelona)

The first NewCompstar working group meeting for WG1 (Astrophysics), will take place in Barcelona, on Tuesday September 23rd, in coincidence with the  school.

The aim of these meetings is to get started with the possible collaborations within the network. In this first meeting, the main topic will be “The origin of magnetars and the SN/GRB/magnetar connection”. The format will consist of short presentations by topic leaders followed by informal discussion sessions and, eventually, with short presentations connected to the discussion by other attendants. The meeting is open to all members of the newcompstar community, but unlike the major events, these one-day meetings have allocated a very limited funding, so that only topic leaders and a few key participants may be supported.