Announcement of the CompOSE and WG2+3 meetings

The first NewCompStar Working Group meetings for WG2 (nuclear physics) and WG3 (gravitational physics), will take place in IPN-Lyon, on Tuesday November 18th and Wednesday November 19th, respectively. Additionally, on Monday, November 17th a meeting on the online Equation of State repository CompOSE will be held, also in IPN-Lyon.
The aim of the Working Group meetings is to initiate collaborations within the network. The format will consist of short presentations by topic leaders followed by informal discussion sessions and a small number of short presentations connected to the discussion by other attendants. The meeting is open to all members of the NewCompStar community, but unlike the major events, these one-day meetings have allocated a very limited funding, so that only topic leaders and a few key participants may be supported. The two meetings have been placed on consecutive days to allow those with an interest in both topics to possibly attend both meetings, should space permit.
The aim of the CompOSE meeting is to enlarge the data base and facilitate its use. Thus all participants who effectively want to make use of the CompOSE routines and introduce new EoSs or improve the ones already present are welcome. Participants who wish to give a short presentation about the EoS can do this during the nuclear WG meeting the day after, please indicate this in your registration.
To REGISTER, simply send an email before the DEADLINE of September 1st to the Working Group leader of the meeting of primary interest to you (Jerome at j.margueron at for nuclear and CompOSE, Ian at d.i.jones at for gravity), indicating if you are also interested in attending the “other” meeting(s) and if you need total or partial support. Please indicate if you want to give a short presentation, and a tentative title.

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