Slides of the presentations

Monday, 17th : CompOSE meeting

  • Stefan Typel (GSI Darmstadt), CompOSE: CompStar Online Supernovae Equations of State (pdf)
  • Jérôme Novak (LUTh Meudon), Using CompOSE cold EoS for rotating neutron star models in LORENE (pdf)
  • Fiorella Burgio (INFN Catania), Polynomial fits for CompOSE (pdf)
  • Jérôme Margueron (IPN Lyon), An empirical equation of state for nucleonic matter (pdf)

Tuesday, 18th : WG2 meeting « Nuclear physics »

  • Jérôme Margueron (IPN Lyon), Introduction (pdf)
  • Isaac Vidana (Univ. of Coimbra), TL1: Nuclear equation of state for compact stars and supernovae (pdf)
  • Constanca Providencia (Univ. of Coimbra), How sensitive is the radius to the crust EoS? (pdf)
  • Adriana Raduta (IFIN Bucharest), Unified treatment of sub-saturation stellar matter at zero and finite temperature (pdf)
  • François Aymard (Univ. of Caen), Nuclear statistical equilibrium based on mean-field nuclear functional: application to Proto-Neutron stars (pdf)
  • Mathias Hempel (Univ. of Basel), Finite temperature aspects of relativisitic supernova equation of state (pdf)
  • Gergely Barnafoldi (WRCP Budapest), TL2: Low energy QCD and super-dense matter (pdf)
  • Nicolas Chamel (IAA Bruxelles), TL3: Superconductivity and superfluidity in compact stars (pdf)
  • Armen Sedrakian (ITP Frankfurt), Dense hadronic matter and astrophysics of massive compact stars (pdf)
  • Laura Tolos (ICE Barcelona), TL4: Transport phenomena and reaction rates for compact stars and supernovae (pdf)
  • Jérôme Novak (LUTh Meudon), Global neutron star models with magnetic field-dependent equation of state

Wednesday, 19th : WG3 meeting « General Relativity »

  • Ian Jones (Univ. of Southampton), Introduction (pdf)
  • Bruno Giacomazzo (Univ. of Trento), TL1: Numerical modelling in binary inspiral (pdf)
  • Tanja Hinderer (Univ. of Maryland), TL2: Influence of EoS on gravitational wave signal from inspiral
  • Andreas Bauswein (univ. Thessaloniki), TL3: Binary inspiral electromagnetic counterparts/ejecta (pdf)
  • Jérôme Novak (LUTh Meudon), Phase transition to hyperons in proto-neutron stars (pdf)
  • Leonardo Gualtieri (La Sapienza Roma), TL4: Gravitational wave emission from individual stars (pdf)
  • Wynn Ho (Univ. of Southampton), X-ray observations and nuclear physics of gravitational wave-driven r-modes (pdf)
  • Filippo Galeazzi (ITP Frankfurt), On the properties of the hypermassive neutron star formed in the merger of spinning binaries (pdf)