Working Group Meeting WG1

Working Group Meeting

The first NewCompStar working group meeting for WG1 (Astrophysics), will take place in Barcelona, on Tuesday September 23rd, in coincidence with the NewCompStar school “The many faces of Neutron Stars”.

The aim of these meetings is to get started with the possible collaborations within the network. In this first meeting, the main topic will be “The origin of magnetars and the SN/GRB/magnetar connection”. The format will consist of short presentations by topic leaders followed by informal discussion sessions and, eventually, with short presentations connected to the discussion by other attendants. The meeting is open to all members of the NewCompStar community, but unlike the major events, these one-day meetings have allocated a very limited funding, so that only topic leaders and a few key participants may be supported.

To register, simply send an email before July 15th to Please indicate if you want to give a short presentation, and a tentative title.