Exceptional call for a last round of STSM and conference attendance

Dear all,

I am happy to inform you that the COST Association has been granted extra budget
from the European Commission a part of which (~ 8,000 EUR) has been assigned to our Action. The extra budget has been allocated to the new Networking Tool
“Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants”, which is however difficult to
implement within the few months left for NewCompStar. Hence, I have asked these
funds to be used for an exceptional round of STSMs, for which I call now for

In the spirit of the motivations behind the extra budget, special attention will be
given to supporting supporting PhD students and ECI researchers from participating
ITCs. In addition, it will be also possible for PhD students and ECI researchers
from participating ITCs to apply for funds to attend international science and
technology related conferences.

Below the standard instruction for the STSMs. The deadline for this call is
September 15, 2017.

I recall that STSMs are aimed at strengthening existing networks and fostering
collaborations by allowing researchers to visit an institution or organization
participating in a given COST Action. An STSM should specifically contribute to the
scientific objectives of the COST Action and, at the same time, allow the
researchers to learn new techniques, gain access to specific data, instruments
and/or methods not available at their home institution.

All proposals will be reviewed by our Steering Committee, the results will be
announced as soon as possible and before the end of September 2017.

Please note that an STSM application must include the following documents:

1) A proposal including the proposal title, motivation, and a description of the
proposed project

2) A CV of the applicant

3) A host agreement specifying if the host will provide matching funds

4) The confirmation (pdf file) generated by the electronic eCOST system.

Detailed instructions of how to apply can be found at

For further information, please refer to  http://compstar.uni-frankfurt.de/stsm-2/

Best regards,

Luciano Rezzolla