How to apply

An STSM application should include:

1) Proposal title,
2) A CV of the applicant,
3) A short description of the proposed project work and motivation letter,
4) A short description of the host,
5) An estimate and breakup of the financial request (specify if the host will provide matching funds),
6) Written agreement of the host institution (to be emailed to the MC Chair and the STSM coordinator). Please mention matching funds if applicable.

Applications should be made following this link. A copy of the application should be emailed to the STSM coordinator ( and the Chair ( Please send a copy of this email also to

Once you have completed your application, make sure to open an account with e-COST with the same email address you used for the STSM application.

As you might have further questions, please check our FAQs.

After the STSM
The grantee is required to submit a short scientific report to the host institution (for information) and the MC Chair (or to the STSM coordinator) for approval within 30 days after the end of the STSM, containing:
– purpuse of the STSM,
– description of the work carried out during the STSM,
– description of the main results obtained,
– future collaboration with the host institution (if applicable),
– forseen publications/articles resulting from the STSM (if applicable),
– confirmation of the host institution of the successful execution of the STSM,
– other comments (if any).

Failure to submit the report within 30 days will effectively cancel the grant.
The MC Chair (or the STSM coordinator) is responsible for approving the scientific report and informating the Grant Holder that the STSM has been successfully accomplished. After the receipt of the approval by email, the Grant Holder will execute the payment of the grant.