Here you can download a brochure, in several languages, with general information about the New Compstar COST action.

Short Articles
If you want to learn more about neutron stars here you will find a series of very general texts written by members of our Network that will introduce you into the neutron star physics. If you still want to learn more, here you will also find more specific texts on the hot topics of the field.

Numerical Simulations
Numerical simulations are possibly the most realistic manner to describe the dynamics and properties of compact stars and often involve the solution of complex sets of equations (Einstein, hydrodynamics, MHD) on supercomputers. This link will take you to the rendering of some of these simulations.

Animations & Cartoons
If you are tired of reading or simply you do not have enough time but still want to learn about neutron stars, here you can find several movies that explain you in a simple, pedagogical and illustrative way these exciting objects.

Public Colloquia
Do not worry if you couldn’t attend our last public colloquium, because we have recorded it. Here you can visualize it and others.

The outreach and dissemination activities are under the responsibility of the Outreach coordinator (OC), Prof. Constança Providência of the Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal. The OC is a member of the steering committee (SC) and interacts closely with the website manager (WM) and the gender coordinator (GC). The dissemination plan will be directed towards two main target groups, internal and external to the Action, and the relevant material will be adapted to these different targets. Read more