Welcome to the census of NewCompStar!

As we build the NewCompStar Action, we need to build a database of its members which contains information about their contact details and the areas of research and work. This data will help us enormously in running the Action and will be used to build an update mailing list. For further information regarding the Action, please visit our webpage

We know you are busy but please dedicate a few minutes to this important census. Thanks in advance!

Luciano Rezzolla

Full Name Affiliation Email Country you work in
Within the three areas of NewCompStar, which one is closest to your interests?
If you are interested in more than one area of NewCompStar, please
indicate below
Are you interested in participating in NewCompStar schools?
If yes
Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are a great opportunity within the NewCompStar Action to support exchange visits across participating groups of the Action. For further information, please visit our webpage. Do you expect to apply for such exchange visits?
The scientific work of NewCompStar is divided into three Working Groups (WGs), and the activity within each WG is divided into four or five Topics. The leaders of the Working Groups have already been chosen. It is now necessary to fill the Topic Leader (TL) positions. Further information can be found here.
Would you be interested in becoming a TL?
If yes, please indicate which topic(s) you are interested in leading

If you would like to nominate a colleague to a TL position, please do so here, indicating which topic they might lead, and whether or not you have spoken with them concerning this nomination.

Are you interested in receiving updates about the NewCompStar Action?