Report on the 2016 activities for the WG1 (Observations and modelling of compact stars)

In 2016 we did two Working Groups, the first one at the beginning of the year in January 24-28th in Bormio (Italy) were we discussed the Transient Sky from different points of views. We discussed observations and modeling of transient events as supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, X-ray binary outbursts, magnetar flares, Crab flares and fast radio bursts. In the morning there were presentations encompassing theory and observations, while all the afternoons were dedicated to discussion on a specific topic with a Chair person.
The meeting ended up in a very lively and active exchange between different fields all related to formation, evolutions and emission of compact stars, but that normally do not interact so actively.

A second Working Group Meeting took place at the University of Alicante in April 13th-15th, with the general aim of discussing magnetic fields formation and evolution in compact stars, again trying to have both the more theoretical and observational point of views. Many members of all three NewCompstar working groups were present, making the discussion very interesting.

Several publications resulted from the TLs and people attending our WG meeting. Here a small sample:

Furthermore, about 15 Short Term Scientific Missions were awarded in 2016 on topics related to WG1.