Report on the 2017 activities for the WG1 (Observations and modelling of compact stars)

In 2017 we did two Working Groups related to WG1, the first one in May 2017 in Caen (France), shared with with WG2. It was dedicated to the study of “Neutron Stars and their environments, with many invited speakers from different european countries, and young researchers.
The second one was shared with the other working groups too, and it took place in Trento in August/September 2017, within a long-term scientific visiting program organised by the ECT. This program was aimed to bringing together high-energy and nuclear theorists, observational astronomers and gravitational physicists. The idea was to have an overview on new theoretical ideas and proposed or soon-to-be launched future facilities, bringing together results from ongoing electromagnetic and gravitational observations and related theoretical neutron star equations of state. The meeting ended up in a very lively and active exchange between different fields all related to the three working groups.

Several publications resulted from the TLs and people attending our WG meetings. Here a small sample:…835…30L…1..854A

Furthermore, about 13 Short Term Scientific Missions were awarded in 2017 on topics related to WG1.