The first NewCompstar working group meeting for WG1 (Astrophysics), took place in Barcelona, on Tuesday September 23rd, in coincidence with the school. The aim of these meetings is to get started with the possible collaborations within the network.

The morning session started with a short overview of the activities of the working group (by Jose A. Pons, WG leader) followed by the following presentations:
• Wynn Ho (Topic leader, TL): Cooling of NSs: recent advances and open questions
• Dima Yakovlev: Neutrino emission from magnetars.
• Tiziana di Salvo (TL): Compact stars in binary systems: an overview.
• Luciano Burderi : Timing of Accreting Millisecond Pulsars: open issues.
• Micaela Oertel (Synergy Agent, SA) Building consistent NS models with magnetic field dependent EoS

The morning ended with a discussion of the topics presented in the morning. After lunch, the afternoon session was focused in the main topic of the meeting The origin of magnetars and the SN/GRB/magnetar connection. There were presentations by
• Pablo Cerda-Duran (TL): Recent results about Magnetar flares and QPOs
• Niccolo Bucciantini (TL): Core collapse SN and the SN/GRB connection
• Martin Obergaulinger: Formation of PNSs with strong local magnetic fields
• Tsvi Piran: The SN/GRB/Magnetar connection (or lack of ).
• Friedel Thielemann / Roger Kaeppeli: Jets from fast rotating MHD-driven supernova explosions and their impact on r-process nucleosynthesis in galactic evolution

The meeting ended with a very lively round table, discussing topics such as: How are magnetars created ? What is the role of rotation and convection ? Are there observable differences between a magnetar and a low B NS birth ? Is there a real SN/GRB connection ?