In 2015 a first Working Group was held in Meudon, France. This was organized in
connection with WG2, and was aimed at discussing of all neutron star phenomena that
requires to bring together leading and promising young researchers from the
astrophysics and nuclear fields. Important issues addressed include: What can we
learn from these new observations about neutron star structure and the radiation
mechanism? Which models shall be developed to analyze the new data? What would be key observations for the future?

A second Working Group Meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, this time in
conjunction with WG3. The workshop brought together experts from various fields that
are relevant to the astrophysics of binary neutron star mergers, in order to foster
interaction and a better understanding of the phenomenology. The presentation and
discussion of the latest research results allowed for setting up new observational
strategies and for devising new methods for arriving at observational constraints.
Many young researcher participated actively.

Furthermore, about 20 Short Term Scientific Missions were awarded in 2015 on topics
related to WG1.