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June 2016: LIGO did it again!

LIGO has reported the second detection of a gravitational wave signal, emitted again during the merger of two black holes.

March 2016: loss of contact with the Japanese X-ray satellite Hitomi

The Japanese Space Agency has reported that it lost contact with its recently launched X-ray satellite Hitomi, previously known as Astro-H. Determining the equation of state of neutron stars was among the objectives of the mission.

Feb. 2016: First observation of gravitational waves

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the first observation of gravitational waves emitted by the merger of two black holes. The signal was detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), a pair of ground-based observatories in Hanford, Washington, and Livingston, Louisiana.

June 2015: Results of the pre-selection of ESA M4 mission

In the framework of its Cosmic Vision program, ESA pre-selected three projects for its fourth medium-class (‘M4’) mission with a launch planned for 2025.
Among them the X-ray satellite Xipe was selected. It aims at measuring the linear polarization of astrophysical sources.
LOFT satellite was not selected.


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