During 2017 there were 4 collocated Working Group 2 Meetings.

The first meeting was allocated within the workshop “Pulsars and their environments”
that took place in GANIL (Caen, France) from May 9th to 11th 2017 andcounted with more than 30 participants. The WG2 meeting was organized on the afternoon ofMay 10th and was chaired by the present WG2 leader Isaac Vidana. The meeting
entitled “From experimental data to neutron stars” consisted on 5 presentations followed by a lively discussion

– Isospin dependence of the nuclear equation of state: the INDRA/FAZIA experimental program at GANIl (O. Lopez)
– Relating nuclear-physics experiments to neutron stars with nuclear energy density functionals (N. Chamel, TL)
– Proto-neutron stars properties with a new temperature dependent hadronic equation of state (M. Oertel)
– Symmetry energy and neutron star core-crust transition in Gogny forces (C. Gonzalez Boquera)
– Nuclear distribution on core-collapse supernova (G. Grams).

The second WG2 meeting was organized jointly with the WG3 and took place at within the workshop “Bridging nuclear and gravitational physics: the dense matter equation of state” that was help at the European Centre for Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) in Trento (Italy) from June 5th to 9th 2017. It joint 41 participants from the nuclear physics and gravitational physics communities. Presentations covering the scientific interest of both WGs were done during the whole workshop and a special session devoted to the discussion of all these topics was organized on the afternoon of June 8th.

The third WG2 meeting was also organized within a ECT* workshop in Trento entitled ” New Perspective on Neutron Star Interiors” and took place from October 9th till 13th 2017. The meeting was organized jointly with members of the WG1 and WG3. These workshop was organized by two of the Topic Leaders of the WG2: Gergely Barnafoldi and Laura Tolos jointly with Gordon Baym. The meeting had about 38 participants and it’s aim was to bring together high-energy and nuclear theorists, observational astronomers and gravitational physicists. An overview of new theoretical ideas and proposed or soon-to-be launched future facilities, bringing together results from ongoing electromagnetic and gravitational observations and related theoretical neutron star equations of state was done. A special WG1, WG2 and WG3 session was organized on June 13th and was chair by Pierre Pizzochero vice-chair of the Action, and consisted on several summaries mande by the following TLs: Pablo Cerda-Duran (WG1), Laura Tolos (WG2), Tanja Hinderer (WG3) and Stefan Typel who made a summary of the ComPOSE data base.

The last WG2 meeting was organized in Catania from Npvember 7th to 9th 2017. This was the last workshop of the NewCompstar WG2 Action, counted with more than 30 participants and was dedicated to summarize the achievements during the activity and to identify open problems and possibilities of cooperation in the future.

The workshop was structured into four sessions, devoted to

– Crust structure (N. Chamel)

– EOS of the core (A. Rios)

– Transport and cooling (A. Sedrakian)

– Quark matter (I. Bombaci & M. Mannarelli)

Each session was introduced by an invited speaker who gave an overview talk, which was followed by short contributions. The last session, scheduled on the 9th, was devoted to the discussion of key problems and their possible solutions, with a sort of road map for the next few years.