Report of the 2015 activities for the WG2 (Physic of the strong interaction, theory
and experiment)

During 2015 there were two Working Group Meetings. The first one was allocated
within the workshop “Pulsar and their environments” that took place in Orleans
(France) from 11th to 13th of May. The Working Group Meeting was organized on the
last afternoon session of this workshop and consisted on a discussion conducted by
Phllipp Podsladlowski on the topic “Physical Constraint from low-mass neutron star”
followed by three short presentations made by three of the four Topic Leaders of the

– Equation of state of dense matter (Isaac Vidana)
– Superdense QCD matter in Compact Stars (Gergerly Gabor Barnafoldi)
– Transport properties of dense matter (Laura Tolos)

The discussion during the session have been very active and it have been really
possible to discuss deeply the physics case.

The second Working Group Meeting took placed during the Conference “Modern Physics
of Compact Stars & WG2 Meeting” that was held in Yerevan (Armenia) from September
30th to October 3rd. Several presentations by
the Topic Leaders and the Working Group Leader were done on the following topics

– Constraints on the internal structure of neutron stars from pulsar glitches
(Nicolas Chamel)
– Purely phenomenological equation of state for nuclear matter (Jerome Margueron)
– A new family of compact objects: dark compact planets (Laura Tolos)
– Hyperons and Neutron Stars (Isaac Vidana)

In addition, two task-force sessions were organized on “Hypernucleai & Neutron Star
Properties” and “Collective excitations, transport and superfluidity in the crust of
neutron stars”. Two task force papers covering these two topics were planned and
started to be written.

One of the TLs (G G. Barnafoldi) was the Chair of the annual NewCompstar Conference
that took place in Budapest (Hungary) from June 15th – 19th where the topics of the
WG2 were fully represented.