Activity Report for WG3 (Gravitational Physics), NewCompStar 2015

Activity Report for WG3 (Gravitational Physics), NewCompStar 2015

The topic leaders appointed in 2014 remained in place. These are Bruno Giacomazzo (Trento, Italy), with topic “numerical modelling of binary inspiral”; Tanja Hinderer (Albert Einstein Institute, Golm, Germany), with topic “Influence of EoS on gravitational wave signals from inspiral”; Andreas Bauswein (Thessaloniki, Greece), with topic “Binary inspiral electromagnetic counterparts/ejecta”; and Leonardo Gualtieri (Rome, Italy), with topic “Gravitational wave emission from individual stars”.

In 2015 there were two Working Group Meetings, both in May. In Thessaloniki there took place the “Workshop on binary neutron star mergers”, jointly with WG1, partly under the organisational oversight of Topic Leader Andreas Bauswein. This was attended by many CompStar regulars, but also by some others, including some experts in gravitational wave data analysis, and some non-European leaders in the field, including participants from the United States and Japan.

The other May meeting was a workshop on “Non-Universal properties in neutron stars”, held in Bremen. This also was attended not just by European researches (including the Action Chair and a Topic Leader), but also by several high profile overseas experts.

Gravitational issues were well represented at the annual main meeting, which in 2015 took place in Budapest, with several sessions having a mainly gravitational theme. There were talks covering the full spectrum of activity, from gravitational wave detectors, to data analysis issues, astrophysical modelling, and treating alternative theories of gravity.

In terms of STSMs, there were eight with a strongly gravity-related theme, and many more where gravity played an important role. This included a visit focused on experimental issues for gravitational wave detection, particularly appropriate given that 2015 was in fact the year that saw the first ever detection of gravitational waves (even if the detection announcement was not made until February 2016!)

In terms of publications, there were many with a significant gravity-component that acknowledged NewCompStar.

Working Group Leader: D I Jones (Southampton)