Topic Leaders

A full description of the areas covered by the Groups and Topics can be found in Section D of the NewCompStar Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), but a short summary is given below, for your convenience.

Researchers in participating European institutions may either put their own name forward as a TL, or else nominate a colleague. As stated in section E of the MoU: “TLs will be selected among junior scientists who wish to acquire management skills. They will meet face-to-face twice a year during the hands-on workshops”. The Topic Leaders are also expected to assist the Working Group Leader where appropriate, for instance helping to write reports on the activity in their area.

Here is a VERY brief description of the Topics, attached to their respective Working Groups; see section D of the MoU for more detail:

Working Group 1 (astrophysics; WGL: Jose Pons)
Topic 1: Core collapse/GRBs
Topic 2: Cooling
Topic 3: Magnetar dynamics
Topic 4: Pulsars
Topic 5: X-ray binaries

Working Group 2 (nuclear physics; WGL: Jérôme Margueron):
Topic 1: Validation of equations of state
Topic 2: Transitions/exotic species and the QCD phase diagram
Topic 3: Superfluidity/superconductivity
Topic 4: Transport properties

Working Group 3 (gravitational physics; WGL: Ian Jones):
Topic 1: Numerical modelling in binary inspiral
Topic 2: Influence of EoS on gravitational wave signal from in spiral
Topic 3: Binary inspiral electromagnetic counterparts/ejecta
Topic 4: Gravitational wave emission from individual stars